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The INBRE Experience

From some of our recent INBRE student research interns:researchers
I have learned valuable lessons in research, genetic laboratory techniques, friendship, hardships, and an overall better understanding of science!


This experience not only added to the level of learning in the classroom/lab, but it surpassed all my expectations. I was grateful to be a part of this internship and benefited by growing confidence, knowledge, and gaining important scientific skills in a short time frame. The project was not only rewarding but life-changing...”

What is INBRE?

INBRE stands for the IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence and is a statewide grant program involving most of our undergraduate-based institutions and nearly all of our community colleges. The core mission of INBRE is to get students involved in biomedical research right from the beginning of their college experience. INBRE also supports a cadre of young investigators as sites for the INBRE intern experience.

Once you become an INBRE student intern, you are an integral part of our network, but more importantly, you are the future of biomedical research in Hawaii.

Why should I consider biomedical research through INBRE?

Doing science in the lab is exciting and rewarding

Research is learning

Doing research builds skills

Research results in the opportunity to exchange new ideas

Research is opportunity

Research helps build the future

What kinds of research opportunities are there?

Biomedical research across the state ranges from:

• Cancer research • Neuroscience research • Immune System research • Natural Product Development • Drug Development • Toxicology • Parasitology • Virology • Cell Stress • Analytical Chemistry • Organic Chemistry • Monoclonal Antibody Production •

Who do I contact?

Contact your INBRE campus coordinator. For a listing of campus coordinators and a description of each research site, visit the Student Research Experience page.

Start here to apply for the Student Research Experience program!

For general questions about the experience as well as career development, please contact:

Dr. Jon-Paul Bingham, Ph.D.
Director of the INBRE PATHway Program

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