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Consequences of NFAT4 Constitutive Activation on Neuroblastoma Patient Outcome

Koomoa-Lange, Ingo Headshot

Research Summary: The Koomoa-Lange laboratory focuses on understanding how calcium signaling pathways contribute to the malignant progression and multi-drug resistance of Neuroblastoma (NB). NB is the most common pediatric extra-cranial solid tumor in infants. Up to 60% of high-risk NB patients are either refractory to treatment or acquire drug resistance and experience tumor relapse. A major challenge for the clinical management of NB is the variable responses of patients to treatment. The tumor heterogeneity poses a contributing factor for the differences in response to treatment but is also a major cause that promotes the development of drug resistance, which is invariably fatal. Our research focuses on the interaction of the immune system with the different cell populations within the tumor microenvironment and aims to understand how the interaction steers calcium pathways that are critical for tumor survival, which then can be targeted for treatment.


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