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Presenting the Results of Your Research



David Haymer presents material that will help students master the art of scientific communication. Topics covered are: writing scientific publications, preparing PowerPoint slides for oral presentations and creating scientific posters. [more…]

Laboratory Etiquette

Lab Etiquette


Laboratories consist of groups of people with diverse backgrounds working together, often with limited space and resources.  Learn how to be a good citizen in your lab’s community. [more…]

Laboratory Safety

Lab Safety


The laboratory can be dangerous if the people working in it are careless or not properly trained. Learn how you can make your lab environment safe for you and the people around you. [more…]

Ethics In Biomedical Research

Ethics in Biomedical Research


At it’s core, science is a search for truth. We all have an obligation to collect, record and report our data in an honest and straightforward manner. Learn about the ethical aspects of conducting biomedical research [more…]

Research Integrity

Research Integrity


The conduct of science must meet standards of integrity set by the University and State and Federal government agencies. [more…]




Good science often involves analyzing results from multiple samples, measurements or organisms. Contact with a biostatistician early in the development of your project can make your life much easier. [more…]


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